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Jiangsu High Hope International Group Corporation is a large state-owned foreign trade enterprises in Jiangsu Province, was established in December 1996, has been through repeatedly the merger and reorganization, has become the biggest Jiangsu provincial foreign trade group. In 2013, High Hope Group annual revenues of over 480 billion yuan, import and export amount exceeds $52 billion, Chinese enterprises 500 strong the 233, China top 500 foreign trade No. 35, China's service industry 500 No. 83. High Hope group always adhere to based on the main, moderate diversified development, and gradually formed a trade, real estate, investment in the three major business segments. Actively build a large trade pattern, with more than 200 countries and regions in the world have established a wide range of economic and trade relations, the implementation of the "going out" strategy, multi-channel participation in international economic cooperation, effectively promote the international process of the group. The rapid growth of domestic trade, strong growth. The real estate sector is running well, villas, apartments and commercial real estate brand gradually radiation do many things at once. Focus has the potential, promising industries and enterprises, investment in securities, banking, insurance and environmental protection, energy industry and so on, has won a good return on investment, for the transformation and upgrading of the group has laid a solid foundation.

China Development Bank Capital Co., Ltd.

CDB Capital was founded with the approval of the State Council in August 2009 as a subsidiary wholly owned by CDB, with registered capital of RMB 50.87 billion (approximately US$ 8.3 billion). It mainly specializes in investment and investment management.

CDB Capital plays an important and unique role within CDB’s corporate structure. Inherited investment businesses from the CDB, it has now grown into a highly integrated strategic investment platform with business operations throughout China and beyond. As of the end of 2015, its total assets reached RMB 119.6 billion, and assets under management exceeded RMB 150 billion, with RMB 4.66 billion of net profit registered in 2015. Since its foundation, CDB Capital has invested in over 400 projects, and its foreign investments totaled over RMB 170 billion.

A unique investment function. CDB Capital stands as the only professional investment institution licensed for RMB investment in the Chinese banking sector, and is defined as one of the platforms for CDB to serve national strategies. CDB’s investment function approved by the State Council is illustrative of the bank’s strategic importance and historic contribution to national development. In addition, it further increased the bank’s comprehensive coverage of financial services.



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